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  • Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS November 7, 2019
    Visit Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS for the whole story This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative … you’re not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It just isnt going to happen. Its also apparently difficult to get solid advice […]
  • Louisville SEO: More Than Keywords – Local SEO November 1, 2019
    Visit Louisville SEO: More Than Keywords – Local SEO for the whole story Louisville Local SEO Expert The post Louisville SEO: More Than Keywords – Local SEO appeared first on Ultimate SEO | Backlinks, Audits & More.
  • Ranking Keywords That People Search October 29, 2019
    Visit Ranking Keywords That People Search for the whole story Branded And Unbranded Keywords: Not Equal SEO Value This is a short discussion on keywords.  If you have read previous articles here you already know that I consider On Page SEO one of the least important factors in ranking yet one of the most obsessed […]
  • Adult SEO Tips October 24, 2019
    Visit Adult SEO Tips for the whole story Originally A Guest Post at Stream SEO Make $1,000 per month with sexy Adult Blogs in 2019 Updated on SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 by SERVANDO SILVA Intro (Servando): This is a guest post by Andrew. While we usually don’t cover anything adult related at Stream SEO, I can’t deny a lot of […]
  • How To Setup Digital Ocean Account – Client Video October 22, 2019
    Visit How To Setup Digital Ocean Account – Client Video for the whole story Want a $50 credit towards Digital Ocean? Digital Ocean $50 Credit For New Accounts Disclosure: Using this link provides Ultimate SEO a $25 credit towards our Digital Ocean bill. × Dismiss alert Setting Up Digital Ocean Account You as a client […]
  • PBN, GuestPost or Syndication for Backlink Building October 4, 2019
    Visit PBN, GuestPost or Syndication for Backlink Building for the whole story Backlink Building We can spend all day optimizing our pages for keywords that we researched for days and never rank content on Google Search.  Its just the cold hard fact that in SEO onpage optimization is the easiest thing and it used to […]
  • New Google Backlink Types And SEO Value Of NoFollow Links Changes September 21, 2019
    Visit New Google Backlink Types And SEO Value Of NoFollow Links Changes for the whole story Two things are important for you to take away from this post about backlinks and they are listed right below.  We’ve then included Google content explaining these two changes in backlinks.  If the text is italic and navy blue, […]
  • Sex, Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress September 14, 2019
    Visit Sex, Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress for the whole story Romantic Depot operates six, soon to be seven adult stores offering sex toys and lingerie, in the New York City area.  Their flagship stores are in Manhattan and the Bronx.  They’ve been around for sometime and over the years their website aged along with other […]
  • Managing And Maintaining A PBN September 8, 2019
    Visit Managing And Maintaining A PBN for the whole story PBNs in 2019 can be just as effective as they once were if properly maintained and staged.  Mimicing an organic site goes a long way in the stability of your PBN. Additional Private Blog Network Resources: SEO PBN – Collection of all our SEO Articles […]
  • Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late September 5, 2019
    Visit Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late for the whole story Adobe Will No Longer Support Flash After 2020, 10 Years After Steve Jobs Argued Why It Should End In 2010. Google Announced in September 2019 that it was phasing out support for Flash from its Chrome browser following Adobe;s announcement that they would end […]



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